Dayton’s Bluff


Missionaries are being raised up all over the nation to be sent out to third world countries to spread the gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus. What if I were to say to you, that we have cities and people all over this country whom have yet to hear of this great news. St.Paul MN., in the neighborhood of Dayton’s Bluff-  is one of the most undiscovered neighborhoods according to an article in city pages 2011. Dayton’s Bluff is a neighborhood located on the east side of the Mississippi River in the southeast part of the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota which has a large residential district on the plateau extending backward from its top.

“Dayton’s Bluff is a neighborhood in transformation.” quoted in the 2011 City Page article titled “ Most Undiscovered Neighborhood”

In the city of St.Paul, there is a population of 500,000 and about 252,000 residents have no church or religious connection. We are passionately drawn to the untapped area of Dayton’s Bluff endeavoring to spread the gospel like wildfire one neighborhood at a time. It is our express intent to reach all for the kingdom of God and He has given us a mission to reach diverse young families. In addition, he has equipped us to empower the Urban poor with the victory of Jesus.

The Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood is a reflection of the rich diversity found in the kingdom of God. With over 18,000 residents, it is home to 39% white, 12.3 % Latino,13.9% black, 30% Asian, 1% Native America and about 4% not categorized people. This does not include the vast amount of nationalities, languages and cultures. In this particular area 30 % of the population is between the ages of 20-39 and the neighborhood comprises of mostly young students and families. The other interesting dynamic at work is that 30% of the neighborhood residents are experiencing poverty making it ripe for the outpouring of God’s Love. God specifically gave us the the name so we can reflect the neighborhood.

            Faith to the Nations is not just a church but a cause to reach the entire neighborhood for Christ. We have prayed diligently on the focuses and paths to reach this type of urban area. We believe God called us to build a neighborhood church but a church that has neighbors. We understand neighborhood’s change and buildings change but one thing that becomes a fixture is memorialized in every neighborhood and street names. We believe Faith to the Nations will be a fixture among its neighbors sharing the Good News of Jesus for generations.

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